1U Mechanical Slide Fiber Patch Panel | 12 Holes


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1U Mechanical Slide Fiber Patch Panel | 12 Holes

The EFP11 optical patch panel is 1U in size, has 12 holes with 12 fibers SC/E2000 Simplex capacity and 24 fibers LC-Duplex capacity.Front Patching Shelves with Mechanical Slides can be used to terminate and distribute optical fiber cables. They are convenient equipment to organize and connect the fiber optic links. It is suitable for the use in telecommunication network, central office optical cable system and premise fiber networks.

Typically our fiber patch panels are rack mounted, they also come with different kinds of optional fiber optic adapters ports. In addition pre-installed inner trays and accessories, optional different types of pigtails, and the commonly used adapter types SC/FC/ST/LC/E2000 can be custom made based on quantity.

Panel Features

  • Easy time-saving installation
  • Different front panel options
  • Compact and safe design
  • Rear cable entry
  • Captive Panel Screws ensure easy/safe locking of the drawer
  • Easy connector and cable accessibility
  • Bend radius protection
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