48 Port Splice Cloures

Mikrolink Fiber

Item     GPJM3 -RS      
Dimension(mm)   Φ190×435      
Weight(Kg)     2.Mar        
Diameter of Cable(mm)   Φ7~Φ22        
No. of Cable Inlet/Outlet   four        
Number of Fibers per Tray   24(single core)      
Max. Number of Trays   96(single core)      
Sealing of Inlet/Outlet ports     Heat-shrinkable tube    
Sealing of Shells     Silicon rubber      
Item     Type     Quantity  
Fiber Optic Splice Sleeve           Allocated by the number of fibers
Buffer Tube     PVC     Allocated by the trays (According to the clients need)
Nylon Ties           4×trays  
Heat-shrinkable Tube   Φ32×200     4 PCS  
Heat-shrinkable Tube   Φ70×250     1 PCS  
Branch Fork           1 PCS  
Marking Note           4×cores of fiber cable
Hanging Tools     Aerial-hanging or all 1 pair  
Plastic hoop           1 piece  
Plastic wrench           2 small and 1 big
Seal ring           1 piece  
Sand paper     Aerial-hanging or all 1 piece  
aluminum paper           1 piece  

The underground splice box is 24 cores with 2 cassettes.

The underground splice box comes with 2 and 12/24 cassettes.

Yes, there is a ground pin in the ground box.

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