6-Way Loose Tube Fiber Transition Fanout Kit


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6-Way Loose Tube Fiber Transition Fanout Kit

SAMM Fan-out kit provides the ideal solution for breakout operations in the field or in factory. It allows to quickly and easily separating the sub-units' bare fiber to single furcation tubing’s, protecting and allowing for termination. The input tubes are simply fitted over a fiber cable element or loose tube and the group of fibers is then divided into the required number per output tube for routing to the splice area. This kit is designed to fan out and furcate 250 micron fibers for direct termination.

Features and Benefits

  • Snap fit construction
  • Small and compact
  • Suitable for most types of cable construction
  • Supplied with identification sleeves
  • Removable tubes
  • No special tools required
  • Designed for use with loose tube cables

Transitions Fan-out Kit Details

Incoming tubes or cables2x 3,5mm OD or 1x5mm OD
Tube Inside/ Outside Dia.1,5/2,3mm
Fiber capacity6x12(144F) with 250 micron fibers
Body MaterialUL94V0 Plastics
Cover MaterialAnodized Aluminum
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