7104 MTP/MPO Connector Cleaner


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7104 MTP/MPO Connector Cleaner

This 7104 MTP/MPO connector cleaner pen is designed for cleaning MPO/MTP connectors, adapters and ferrules with one simple push. The fiber optic mpo connector cleaning pen 7104 can clean in one quick action and can perform more than 525 cleans.


  • 525+ cleaning engagements per unit
  • Anti-static system produces pristine endface and minimizes contaminant attraction
  • Cleans cable assembly in hand as well as cables behind panel
  • Non-fraying cloth design
  • Simple push to clean action


  • Cable assembly factories
  • Field Installations: Cleaning cable assemblies
  • Field Installations: Cleaning in-situ/behind the panel connectors
  • Standards Compliance IEC-61300-3-35; IEC-TSB-XYZ
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