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BFC 250 Fiber End-face Cleaner Pen | SC

This BFC 250 Fiber End-face Cleaner Pen cleans SC connectors, jumpers, and adapters with a single click. Insert the BFC 250 Fiber End-face Cleaner Pen into an adapter and push until you hear an audible "click." The cleaner advances an optical grade cleaning tape with a mechanical push action while rotating the cleaning tip to guarantee that the fiber end-face is efficiently yet softly cleaned. The BFC 250 cleaner is an absolute need for field technicians. It is tiny enough to put in a shirt pocket and cleans without twisting or straining the wrist.

BFC 250 Cleaner Features

  • The BFC 250 SC cleaner removes dust and grease from the ferrule end-face of a fiber optic connector with a single mechanical push.
  • Over 550 cleaning clicks with each unit.
  • Made of superfine fiber imported from Japan to provide a stronger cleaning impact.
  • BFC 250 are dry cloth cleaners that are specifically intended to clean single fiber connectors in adapters, face-plates, and bulkheads.
  • The cleaner's dust cap serves as an adapter for cleaning unmatedconnectors.
  • A simple pushing motion reaches theconnectorand starts the cleaning action.
  • Constructed with anti-static resins.
  • Cleans offdensedebris andmicro fibers
  • Extendable tip allows access to recessedconnectors
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