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FFL-100 Visual Fault locator

The Visual Fault Locator VIAVI VFL FFL-100 is a ruggedized, quick and easy tool for locating fiber problems points, preforming continuity tests and for fiber identification. The visual fault locator FFL-100 sends a red laser beam that makes any light escaping point glow red, this glow is enough to locate damages from far distances. FFL-100 has a 2.5mm interface, which makes it compatibles with SC, ST and FC fiber optic connectors. FFL-100 is portable, ruggedized, rugged and very shock-absorbing, works for 80 hours using AA batteries, has continuous and blinking light options and with a 1.25 mm adapter can connect to LC and MU connectors.

VIAVI FFL-100 VFL Benefits

  • Rugged and shock-absorbing construction
  • Quick damage locating in optical fiber
  • Continuous or flashing illumination modes
  • Economically priced
  • 80 hours battery life
  • Protective rubber end cap

VIAVI FFL-100 VFL Features

  • Compact, ergonomic design for ultimate portability
  • Visible wavelength is 650 nm
  • High powered laser (1 mW)
  • Signal range is 7 Km for singlemode and 5 Km for multimode
  • Continuous or Flash illumination
  • Universal connector interface for quick and easy connection
  • 2.5 mm connector input (1.25 mm adapter available)
  • Includes soft-sided carrying case with belt loop

VIAVI FFL-100 VFL Applications

  • Locates sharp bends, breaks, and damages in optical fiber
  • Performsend-to-end continuity tests
  • Performs fiber tracing and identification
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