Fiber Optic Aramid/Kevlar Cutter


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Fiber Optic Aramid/Kevlar Cutter

The DK-2043 fiber optic cutter is design to cut the Kevlar and Aramid sheath layers of fiber optic cable. The fiber optic Aramid/Kevlar cutter has blades made of high carbon alloy steel with vanadium and molybdenum, and has a high cutting edge hardness. In addition is has extended tang for longer durability and serrated blade for better object gripping. Samm fiber optic hand tools provide great convenience for FTTX and 5G infrastructure technicians.


  • Blades Material: Carbon alloy steel with vanadium and molybdenum
  • Handles Material: Thermo-plastic elastomer
  • Blade Hardness: HRC60-62
  • Cutting Edge Hardness: HV1200
  • Packaging: Blister card
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