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Fiber Optic Cleaver | FB1688C

The FB-1688 fiber optic cleaver provides simple and easy fiber cleaving with clean cuts and high fiber end face quality. The fiber optic cleaver FB-1688C allows blade replacement, has 24 cutting locations for each blade and has a long service life, up to 48000 operations.Samm fiber optic hand tools provide great convenience for FTTX and 5G infrastructure technicians.


  • Simple and easy replacement of blade.
  • 24 cutting location for each blade, service life up to 48000 times.
  • Replacement blade is available, model No:5FB-1688-BLADE.
  • Scrap Collector.


Cladding DiameterØ125 μm single fiber
Ø250 μm (0.2mm) bare fiber
Ø900 μm (0.9mm) bare fiber
Ø3mm patch cord
3x2mm drop cable
Cladding Length5-20mm
Cladding Angle<0.8°
Dimension62 x 60 x 56mm
Replacement24 cutting points
Blade MaterialTungsten
Blade Model No.Model No. : 5FB-1688-BLADE
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