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Floor Standing Fiber Optic Cabinet | FDF-FL-22

This floor standing ODF, optical distribution frame, provides 19" FIST high density fiber optic management with 48U maximum capacity. It can be used for patch and splice management, and can accommodate distributions shelves, fiber splitters, fiber equipment and optical devices. The FDF-FL-22 floor standing cabinet serves as a central cross-connect in main fiber distribution areas, and it is used in exchange, head end or customer premises environments.


  • Swing handle with lock and key.
  • Painted (powder coated) in light-grey (RAL-7035).
  • Leveling or height adjuster legs.
  • Easy and time-saving installations.
  • Compact and safe design.
  • Confirms 19" or ETSI installations.
  • Side duct Cable attachment plates can be mounted left, right, top or bottom.
  • Wall mounting: stand alone or multiple side-to-side mounting.
  • Back-to-back mounting.
  • Easy adaptation to specific applications by variation of the rack configuration, the shelf configuration and routing of pigtails and jumpers.
  • Easy access to cables, pigtails and jumpers during installation, maintenance and upgrade.
  • Bend control on all fiber routing.
  • Horizontal and vertical patch cord management for storage of functional patch cord over length.
  • Horizontal and vertical patch cord storage excess patch cord over length between the shelves and either the equipment or adjacent racks.
  • High density side access type of modules is also designed to fit a variety of termination, splice, and storage applications.
  • ETSI mounting profiles with cage nuts for shelf mounting are provided at the rear of the rack, allowing optimal access from the front.
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