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HS-12 Thermal Stripper

The HS-12 from FiberFox is the world's fastest thermal stripper used for stripping cable jackets in the fusion splicing process. FiberFox HS-12 can heat strip a single and multiple (ribbon) fiber cables in 4 seconds. In additions, it has a long lasting battery, enough for 500 strips.

HS-12 Thermal Stripper Specifications

Fiber Material
Silica glass
Coating Material
UV cured resin
Coating Thickness
“Single fiber: 0.25~0.4mm 2 to 12 Ribbon fiber: 0.3~0.4mm”
Cladding Diameter
Coating Removal Length
max 30mm
Heating Mode
Normal mode / Power save mode
Temperature Settings
Normal mode: approx. 80℃, 95℃, 110℃, 130℃
Power save mode: approx. 70℃, 80℃, 95℃, 110℃
Fiber Holder Type
FH-2, FH-4, FH-6, FH-8, FH-10, FH-12, FH-250, FH-900
Power Supply Method
AC drive: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz
Operating Condition
Temperature: 0℃~40℃ / Humidity: 0%~95%
Applicable Fiber Type
Single fiber: 250μm, 900μm, 3.0mm fiber cable and flat cable
Ribbon fiber: 2 to 12 ribbon fiber cable
Heating Time
Approx. 4~5sec at normal mode
Approx. 5~6sec at save mode
Battery Capacity
Approx. 500 stripping with 12 ribbon fiber with a full charged battery

How to Use a HS-12 Fiber Optic Thermal Stripper

  1. Turn on The Stripper

    Turn on The StripperSwitch the HS-12 thermal stripper on, and never forget to adjust the thermal strippers settings. Different types of fibers require different settings and temperature.
  2. Place The Fiber

    Place The FiberMove the thermal stripper's sliding part outward until it cannot be pulled anymore. Open the sliding part cover and the heater cover, and place the fiber with its holder in the sliding part.
  3. Close the Slider Cover

    Close the Slider CoverClose the sliding part cover with the fiber holder inside it.
  4. Slide Inward

    Slide Inward Slide the fiber holder part toward the thermal heater, with its cover closed. Keep the heater cover open to look and make sure you slide until the fiber length is accurate.
  5. Close Heater's Cover

    Close Heater's CoverClose the thermal heater cover and it will start heating automatically. You will have to wait until the temperature light starts to blink.
  6. Pull Slider Outward

    Pull Slider OutwardAfter you see the temperature light blinking, hold both covers tightly and pull the slider away from the thermal heater. The heated coating will be removed and the fiber will be stripped and ready for cleaving then fusion splicing.
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