LC/UPC-LC/UPC | Multi-Mode G651.OM3 | UNI10 | Uniboot Patch Cord | 2.0mm


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LC/UPC-LC/UPC | Multi-Mode G651.OM3 | UNI10 | Uniboot Patch Cord | 2.0mm

The LC uniboot fiber patch cable have a duplex multi-mode LC/UPC OM3 connector on each side.The patchcord utilises a special round duplex cable that allows duplex transmission within a single 2.0mm or 3.0mm cable.Our uniboot patch cords come with a reversible polarity mechanisim, using rotating LC connectors and a retractable housing. This polarity reversal mechanism does not require any tools, and has a safety 180 degree limit to protect the fiber from strain. In addition, reversing the polarity is done without exposing the fibers to ambient space, which may cause damage.

The LC Duplex Uniboot's patch cord modern design, with low profile housing, is intended for high density applications. When a panel is in maximum density, an operator can easily access stacked adapters and detach them by holding the edges of the housing or using the push-pull boot. The DirectConecTM push-pull mechanism allows for easy insertion and withdrawal of the connector.


  • Insertion Loss (IEC 61300-3-4-Method-B): ≤ 0.30 dB
  • Return Loss (IEC 61300-3-6-Method-B): ≥ 50 dB (UPC),≥60 dB (APC)<ac/li>
  • Durability: <0,1 dB typical change for >500 matings
  • Flammability: UL94 V-0
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Connector End Face Geometry: IEC 61755-3
  • LC Connector Compliance: IEC 61754-20, TIA 604-10, RoHS

Key Features

  • 50% space saving when compared to traditional optical patch cords
  • Reversible polarity with no tools required
  • Color coded polarity window makes polarity clearly visible
  • Low profile design with push-pull boot for HD applications
  • 2mm or 3mm cable options for multi-mode and single mode
  • IEC Attenuation Grade B random mating requirements
    (0.12 dB mean, 0.25 dB maximum for ≥ 97% of the connectors)
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