Loctite 648, 50 ML Adhesive


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Loctite 648, 50 ML Adhesive

Anaerobic adhesives are used as a curing agent in fiber connector termination, especially in field installation and terminations due to its fast curing time. LOCTITE® 648 can be used with Loctite 7649 Primer to increase cure speed. Anaerobic adhesives should only be used with optic connectors that have a ceramic (zirconia) ferrule and a metal ferrule holder.

Application Method;

  1. Inject Loctite 648 into the connector with a syringe needle.
  2. Dip or spray the fiber and buffer with activator Loctite 7649 and connectorize as usual. Allow 30-45 seconds for the activator to dry.
*** If an accelerator is not used, the hardening time may be long depending on the ambient temperature. Loctite 7649 is recommended.

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