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Network Installation Tool Kit | PK4013

The PK-4013 network installation tool kit is a combination of essential tools for network installation and maintenance. It features a mini lan cable test device, a professional modular crimper, a telecom cripmer an piler, and a precision wire stripper.Samm fiber optic hand tools provide great convenience for FTTX and 5G infrastructure technicians.

Tool Kit Contents

PK-4013 Tool Kit
CP-376KXProfessional modular crimps strips & cuts tool (200mm)
DK-2039Utility knife (3 blades self loading)
9DK-20603M auto stop measuring tape
9SD-329HScrewdriver probe voltage tester
1PK-067DSDual color side cutting plier (165mm)
FL-5169Pcs led flashlight
MT-7058Mini lan cable tester
CP-302GPrecision wire stripper (AWG 20/18/16/14/12/10)
CP-148Telecom combi-crimper/plier
CP-3141Impact terminal tool for krone
9CP-501BNWire stripper tool
SD-5101BLine color screwdriver (#0 x 75mm)
SD-5101ALine color screwdriver (-3.0X 75mm)
SD-5107ALine color screwdriver (-6.0 X 100mm)
SD-5107BLine color screwdriver (#2 x 100mm)
9ST-4013Tool bag
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