OLTS-85P Fiber Loss Tester


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OLTS-85P Fiber Loss Tester

With VIAVI OLTS-85P. which is the fastest and easiest solutions for tier 1 fiber optic certification, you can measure length, measure optical loss on two fibers and two wavelengths, check polarity, inspect fiber end faces and generate certification reports.

With SmartClass Fiber devices, technicians get ultimate flexibility and performance from a powerful, easy-to-use solution that can instantly turn any user into a fiber-smart technician. Cut testing and certification time in half and give customers confidence in their network quality at the push of a button with the SmartClass Fiber OLTS-85/85P.

Help Your Technicians Work Fiber Smart!

  • Integrate fiber inspection and test for an efficient, easy-touse solution that promotes best practices for handling fiber
  • Automate fiber inspection and Tier 1 loss measurements with pass/fail results that eliminate subjective guesswork
  • Store test results, images, and user information from both local and remote units directly to the local device
  • Follow best practices with features that incrementally step you through a proper test workflow

OLTS-85P Benefits

  • Certify network installations faster, correctly, and on time—the first time
  • Perform comprehensive Tier 1 fiber testing to industry standards
  • Eliminate subjective guesswork with pass/fail analysis results
  • Optimize technician efficiency with control from both local and remote units

OLTS-85P Features

  • Complete Tier 1 fiber testing to TIA/ISO/IEC standards
  • Dedicated MM, SM and Quad versions
  • Fiber end-face inspection with automated pass/fail analysis on both local and remote devices
  • Integrated saving of both local and remote results on the local device
  • Encircled flux compliant
  • Instant on from sleep mode
  • Onboard storage for all test results
  • Easily-generated fiber certification reports
  • 3.5” color touch screen
  • Manage test data with J-Reporter
  • Control end-to-end workflow with CERTiFi
  • Generate quick reports via FiberChekPRO reporting software
  • All-day battery life
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