SC Attenuator

Mikrolink Fiber

Fiber Connector     SC/APC       SC/UPC    
Connector Gender   Fixed Male to Female   Fixed Male to Female
Attenuation     1dB 2dB 3dB 5dB 7dB   1dB 3dB 5dB 6dB 7dB
Attenuation Accuracy   ±0.5dB       ±0.5dB    
Attenuation     10dB 15dB     10dB 12dB 15dB  
Attenuation Accuracy   ±10dB       ±10%dB    
Polarization Dependent Loss ≤0.2dB       ≤0.2dB    
Humidity     95%RH       95%RH    
Storage Temp Range   -40~85°C       -40~85°C    
Ferrule Type     Zirconia Ceramic     Zirconia Ceramic  
Transfer Mode     SM/MM       SM/MM    
Operating Wavelength(nm)   1260~1620(SM),850 or 1330 (MM9 1260~1620(SM),850 or 1330 (MM9
Return Loss     ≥65dB       ≥55dB    
Max Optical Input Power   200mW       200mW    
Operating Temp Range   -40~80°C       -40~80°C    

Yes, SC Attenuator is made as signal reducer.

SC Attenuator can be used on the system where signal attenuation is desired.

SC Attenuators shape is not like patchcord, is like adapter.

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