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Sidewinder MPO/MTP Inspector and Analyzer

The VIAVI FiberChek Sidewinder MPO/MTP inspector and analyzer is the smallest and most portable multi-fiberMPO/MTP connector inspectionand analysis solution with an All-day battey.VIAVIFiberChek Sidewinder is a hand-held “All in One” device, dedicated for inspecting and analyzing MPO and MTP connectors in less than 8 seconds. FiberChek Sidewinder has an integrated touchscreen, fully automated system, Wifi and USB connectivity.

FiberChek Sidewinder Benefits

  • FiberChek Sidewinder Benefits
  • Certify fiber end face quality according to customer needs
  • Can easily inspect connections from any point
  • Automatic inspection process
  • Automatically inspect MPO/MTP connectors
  • Quickly produce test results in less than 8 seconds
  • Versatile connectivity options and great portablity

FiberChek Sidewinder Features

  • Automatic centering, panning, scrolling and focus
  • On device storage and reports export options
  • Embedded fiber optic end-face analyzer
  • Pass and Fail alarm sounds with custom pass rules
  • Touchscreen,WiFi, and USB connection
  • Instant fiber viewing with a large battery
  • Includes industry standards ofacceptance criteria
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