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SpecPro Portable Field Type Connector Polisher

The SpecPro connector polisher, from KrellTech, is a portable connector polishing machine for field environments, low volume fiber optic assembly production, portable military applications, medical applications, and R&D. The connector polisher SpecPro can polish 4 components at the same time, including standard connectors, optical bundles, multifiber ferrules, endoscopes, MIL-spec termini and bare fibers. The SpecPro polishing machine has an air-polish routine and it is ideal for restoring damaged connectors.

For a more uniformed and consistent polishing at each connector position, SpecPro connector polisher utilizes KrellTech's unique independent suspension technology. In addition, the SpecVision Video inspection system from KrellTech can also be used with SpecPro polisher to view fiber finishes in real time. The machine has both AC and battery operation options, all within a compact and portable design.

SpecPro Key Features

  • Polishes all connectors and mil-spec termini to telcordia compliance
  • Portable with ac/battery operation
  • Precision v-groove mechanism enables 1mm to 3.2mm ferrulle diameter
  • Universal Workholder can be configurated up to 4 holder
  • FC/SC/ST/LC/MU/SMA/E2000 Connectors and Ferrules/M29504 (1, 1.25, 1.6, 2mm), TFOCA, ELIO , ARINC 801 can be UPC polished
  • APC Holders are available
  • Video Inspection System can also be integrateed with Krell’s SpecVision™
  • 4 inch diameter film sizes

SpecPro Components

  • Polisher Base ; SP4L SpecPro 4L Base Polisher with AC and 9 volt battery operation
  • TC-2 Waterproof and Rugged Storage/Transit Case
  • UPC Universal Holder options with different configutations ;
  • 4LWH1-50 (1 Position ) , 4LWH2-50 (2 Position ) , 4LWH3-50 (3 Position ) , 4LWH4-50 (4Position )

SpecPro Portable Field Type Connector Polisher Specifications

Back Reflection
< -55 dB, UPC
< -65 dB, APC
Insertion Loss
< 0.25 dB, typical
Apex Offset
< 50 microns
Radius of Curvature
10-25 mm, 2.5 mm ferrules
7-20 mm, 1.25 mm ferrules
5-12 mm, APC ferrules
0 to -50 nm
Bare Fiber Diameter
80 μm to > 1.5 mm using adapter
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