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Street Type Fiber Optic Cabinet | FDF-ODC-1

This outdoor street ODF, optical distribution frame, provides 19" FIST high density fiber optic management with 21U maximum capacity. It can be used for patch and splice management, and can accommodate distributions shelves, fiber splitters, fiber equipment and optical devices. The FDF-ODC-1 can be installed above the ground or with the lower cabling section flushed below concrete structures.Thanks to its special design, the top cover and side covers can all be opened widely which makes module assembly and cable assembly very easy.The top cover can be fixed in two positions for more comfortable working environment in bad weather conditions. In addition, plastic Drums allow very good cable management and routing to be performed with high efficiency.


  • Easy wall mounted hanging plate
  • Field adaptive mounting profiles to 19” or ETSI width
  • Swing handle with lock and key
  • Extensive cable inlet/outlet possibilities on top and bottom, left and right
  • Cable attachment plate with C-profile included
  • Dust-proof, environmental and mechanical protection for the fiber management
  • functions
  • Painted (powder coated) in light grey (RAL-7035)
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