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Transparent Tube | For 6 Way Separator

Transportation tubing is used to manage and protect fiber bundles or elements between the end of the cable and the chosen splice tray. Furcation tubing is made of glass-filled Teflon (PTFE) that provides reduced longitudinal shrinkage and increased tensile bond strength in the standard colors utilized for fiber identification.

Features and Benefits

  • Clear tube for easy visual identification
  • UL Rates temperature -80°C to +200°C
  • Excellent Dielectric Insulation Properties
  • Protects and manages bare fiber for any installation type
  • Resistant to corrosion, strong acid, strong base, chemical reagents, and oil
  • Excellent mechanical performance, shock proof, high elasticity
  • Excellent electrical performance that does not change with the temperature and frequency
  • Inflammability UL-224 VW-1
  • Standard color: Transparent

Transparent Fiber Tube Details Details

Tube Inside Diameter1.5 mm
Tube Outside Diameter2.3 mm
Tube MaterialTeflon (PTFE)
Fiber Capacity12 Fibers (250 micron)
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