FI-60 Live Fiber Identifier


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FI-60 Live Fiber Identifier

VIAVI FI-60 Live Fiber Identifier can easily identify an optical signal on live fiber cables without cutting the fiber or disrupting the connection and network traffic. FI-60 identifier can also be used as an optical power meter.

FI-60 fiber identifier can easily observe the optical signal on live working optical fiber cables and it uses the VIAVI SafeChek system, which allows for safe and repeated tests with most types of fiber with no need to replace pricey dies. In addition, FI-60 live identifier cuts the cost of using an OPM tool because it can be converted into an optical power meter.

FI-60 Fiber IdentifierKey Features

  • With SafeChek feature and easy-pull trigger, the FI-60ensures repeatable engagement a fiber cable
  • The FI-60 can test multiple cable diameters from 250μm to 3mm
  • FI-60 has durable metal input adapters (2.5 and 1.25mm) for the power meter feature
  • It can inspect both absolute (dBm) and relative (dB) power
  • The FI-60 can store results and recall 100 OPM readings.

FI-60 Fiber IdentifierBenefits

  • Avoids network downtime and does not cause damage even with repeatable tests.
  • Preforms faster with a single LFI head that is compatible with multiple cable diameters (250μm to 3mm jacketed fibers).
  • Reaches higher reliability and neglects false readings with integrated ambient light shield.
  • The FI-60 LFI can easily convert to an optical power meter.
  • Report storage on device with USB export to PC.
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