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G-Connect | Modular Ultra HD Panel

G-Connect Series panels are a practical ultra high density fiber optic data center solution. G-Connect Series panels can include up to 12 cassettes in a compact 1U space. The top capacity for G-Connect UHD panels is 1728 fiber for MTP termination, and 144 fibers for LC termination. The panels are suitable for MTP/LC Conversion Cassettes, MTP Patch Cassettes, LC Patch Cassettes and SC Patch Cassettes.


  • Modular structure with many different variations
  • Base-8 and Base-12 topologies option
  • Patented Rail Design
  • 144 fibers capacity in 1U with LC connectors
  • 1728 fibers capacity in 1U with LC connectors
  • In 1U 144 LC connector capacity
  • 3 individually sliding trays per 1U for maximum flexibility during operation and installation
  • Patch cord management for each individual tray
  • Labelling front for module identification
  • Sliding and extracting the modules of the trays for better access to cables during installation
  • Modules can be removed and installed from the front and rear side of the trays

Ürün İçeriği

  • 1 pc - UHD Panel
  • 1 pc - Rack Mounting Set
  • 3 pc - Indivudual Tray
  • 1 pc- Installation Guide
  • 1 pc - Rear Organizer (Choose Accessories)
  • 2 pc -Front Guide(Choose Accessories)
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