TelBall Marker - Electronic Buried Cable Locator


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TelBall Marker - Electronic Buried Cable Locator

Using Telball Marker-Smart Ball for locating manholes in telecom facilities, it makes detection easier for indoor locations, eliminates the time spent in detecting cable routes with high accuracy.

The waterproof polyethylene hard shell, which has been successfully passed through the attrition UV tests of the Telball Marker, allows to be used for many years in the underground facilities. This water-resistant polyethylene shell is also passed through the necessary chemical leakage and heat tests, and can be safely used at high temperatures for many years.

It works easily without the need for an external power supply and can be easily detected with the radar detectors used for telecom services.

TelBall Electronic Marker Specifications

  • Uniquely designed to produce a uniform, global RF field in any direction
  • Used for electronic locating of embedded installations
  • Easily detectable up to 1.5 mt with any modern radar
  • No specific method required for installation
  • it can be used during the life of the embedded infrastructure
  • Patented
  • Application: for telecommunication
  • Color : Orange
  • Frequency : 101.4 KHZ
  • Weight : 168 gr.
  • Size : 12,8 cm diameter
  • Brand: Telball Marker
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